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   How Not to Double Down on Anxiety

Do you ever get an anxious feeling . . . followed by a fearful thought that something must be going wrong? Then the thought that something is wrong makes you feel more intense anxiety . . . which makes you believe the fearful thought even more?

Maybe you start repeating this thought to yourself, or elaborating the fearful scenario with additional fearful thoughts. Of course each one intensifies the anxiety, generating another fearful thought, and, in a instant you are spiraling into a dark hole of fearful thoughts and anxious feelings.

This is how we double down on our anxiety. Like a compulsive gambler trying recoup his losses, we keep betting “double or nothing” over and over again. Of course it never works — we just go deeper into the dark. Very stressful and depressing!

If you’re like me, you would like to put and end to this painful, enervating spiral of dread, and immunize yourself against it. Well, you can do it! Here’s how:




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