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More About “What DO Thoughts Think About?”
“Thoughts think about other thoughts” is a subtle topic; it’s importance can easily be missed, and working with it can seem boring and pointless in the beginning.

In order to experience the power of this insight, the first step to is to practice noticing and watching thinking, emotions and sensations, as they are, without any motivation to improve, escape from, or stop them.

I recently had an old client share that years after I had shared this insight and practice with her, suddenly she started remembering that “her” thoughts and emotions were not “hers” — they were just thoughts and emotions. She shared how the insight just started coming up naturally and that it interrupted her involvement in fearful concerns, stress, and melodrama.

She was able to feel a refreshing sense of being present on the earth, on the spot in her body, with an awareness of freedom to move around unobstructed by the thoughts and emotions she was aware of. Instead of entrancing and absorbing her in a claustrophobic inner environment of hallucinations, they were just objects in awareness, surrounded by this refreshing free space.

You can have this experience too!




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